TORN Ministries is an organization that is focused on Teaching Others and Reaching Nations for the sake of Jesus Christ. TORN believes that spreading the love of Jesus Christ not only to our local Neighborhoods but to all states, countries and Nations on this earth is our direct calling. We here at TORN want to be used to raise up an army of not only believing Christians but on fire for the Lord Followers of Jesus Christ. We see a hurting world and know the only way to change that is through the Grace and Power of our Lord Jesus Christ. We can see a generation rising that are hungry for the Truth of Jesus and are ready to be equipped with the Gospel and set out with passion to share their knowledge with anyone they know or come across. TORN wants to do anything and everything we can to come alongside this urge and equip all who are willing to be used for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God.

TORN wants to start spreading the message of Freedom from addiction to countries that do not have any effective avenues for the people. In many of the countries we visit God has placed our teams in a rehabilitation environment to share our stories of freedom from addiction with the people in current recovery. Though these countries are trying to give an avenue, it is sad to say, they just don’t have the resources available to effectively provide any true addiction recovery. In many of the countries around the world they view people with addiction as a lost cause and prefer to just lock them away. We envision not only sending teams to multiple countries and here at home but we also want to start opening comprehensive rehabilitation centers in the countries that are lacking any true 12 step recovery centers.