We feel so blessed that you are considering sending one or more of your sons or daughters on a mission trip with T.O.R.N. Ministries. We realize the questions and concerns that you can have as parents being parents of a teenager ourselves. We remember the first mission trip our daughter wanted to go on. We wanted to go with her on the trip to gage the safety of our child and to also see from a spiritual aspect that the things being spoken on were biblically sound, so we went! It is not always workable to do so as parents (we understand that it was definitely orchestrated and a blessing by God to allow us that opportunity). However, please know that here at T.O.R.N. we encourage you that if you feel lead and God has made a way,to please join us and your child out on the mission field. We also realize that as parents it can be extremely demanding to find the time to do everything that comes along with preparation of sending your child on a mission trip. Here at T.O.R.N. we would love to come along side you in sending your child to fulfill the great commission and seeing Gods name known and glorified to the nations.

We can assure you that your child’s or young adults safety is the number one priority on any mission trip we go on. We are always in contact with our Global Partners prior to the trip to gage the nations stability and we ourselves are traveling to the ministry area to prepare for the trip itself. We have knowledge of all embassy’s and the quickest way to arrange teams getting out of an area if the need should arise. Before any of this planning happens, we are seeking after Gods voice,leading, and calling in bringing a team of any age into the mission field.

Please email or call us with any questions that you might have! We will be praying not only for those that we will be taking but for calmness and peace in every heart of every parent/guardian that is sending their loved one out to make Jesus name known! We look forward to serving you this summer/holiday season and ministering alongside you and your child.

In His Service,

Brian and Misty Carson.